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Cordi stm32f100 EADOGM-132 Prototyping Board

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We often need a controller for interfacing our electronic prototype circuit.

For almost all of our circuits on a breadboard we need a

  • Controller
  • Power stabilization
  • Communication interface (RS232)
  • Digital TTL-I/O, sometimes SPI, timers or other controller functions
  • DAC and ADC
  • Maybe a display, maybe with backlight
  • RTC

It's always the same...

Short: A small real embedded system for rapid prototyping.

Existing prototyping boards are mostly stand alone boards, providing as many as possible of the controller's peripherals with all additional hardware circuits to demonstrate the capabilities of the controller. Embedding these boards is not easy and can only be done with fragile mechanical and cable constructions and some power supply artworks.

Most times we don't need all this stuff, but only a small reasonable board, with some standard features easy to connect, so we decided to roll our own bread board compatible system to embed.


  • STM32F100 Cortex-M3 Microcontroller
  • Optional EADOGM132 132x32 graphics display, with optional back light
  • Power supply for 5V to 12V DC
  • Breadboard compatible 2.54mm/.100" grid
  • Open Hardware + Open Source Software example
  • RS232 interface, for communication and in circuit programming
  • RTC crystal


# clone recursively to get the submodules
git clone --recursive https://github.com/uvc-ingenieure/cordi.git

# Build libopencm3 + cordi example
cd cordi/software

# Use the serial bootloader to flash the controller
cd cordi
make download


All files are hosted in a GitHub repository

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